Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pre Christmas Playlist 12/19/07

Well, it's the last Wednesday before Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Here's my playlist from 12/19/07

01. Soul Bowl – The Memphis Horns

02. Jingle Bells – Bunny Sigler

03. Does Your Mama Know – Rudy Love & Love Family

04. Funk Pump – The Counts

05. Did You Hear Yourself – Randolph Brown & Company

06. You Think You’re Hot Stuff – Jean Knight

07. Caught In Your Love – Rodger Collins

08. Gimmie Some Of Yours – Artie “Bluesboy” White

09. Funky Way – Calvin Arnold

10. Sing A Simple Song – The Noble Knights

11. Southern Man – Sylvester & The Hot Band

12. Aint Nothing In The Streets – Jean Stanback

13. The Way To Get Down - Bobby Byrd

14. Don’t Leave Her – Little Milton

15. If You Don’t Get It Yourself – Gloria Lynne

16. Come On And Get It – Joe Simon

17. Everybody Needs Somebody – King Floyd

18. Everybody Needs Love – The Globetrotters

19. Steal Away – Leon Austin

20. Who’s The Blame – Obie Jessie & Seeds Of Freedom

21. Grief, Sorrow, Pain, and Woe – Hetti Lloyd

22. I Don’t Care About Your Past – Ella Washington

23. Loving You Is Just A Pastime – Bloodstone

24. Stone Soul Christmas – Binky Griptite & The Dap-Kings

25. Do Me – Jean Knight

26. You’re Right, Ray Charles – Joe Tex

27. I’m Unconscious – Sugarcane Harris

28. Preacher & The Bear (Live) – Rufus Thomas

29. Read Between The Lines – Charlie Whitehead

30. Funky Christmas Time

31. Grits & Gravy – Fame Gang

32. Boston Bump – Dream Machine

33. Bring It All Back Home – Poison

34. Potential – Jimmy Castor Bunch

35. Wall Between Us – Smokestack

36. Cool With A Groove – Pearl Reeves w/ Father Time & The Tic Tocs

37. Think – The Soul Searchers

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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Raphael "Ralph" S. Santos

I would like to take a second to honor someone I never met, Ralph Santos. R.I.P.
As you may or may not know, I am a long time record collector, I also work at a record store.
I have the pleasure of being a buyer for the store I work at.
I had the opportunity to go through Ralphs records.
What a great collection of jazz from the 50's through 80's.
Almost every album had been carefully taped at the edges to preserve the covers.
Every single inner sleeve had been cut on each corner to ease wear on the jackets.
Almost every record was in mint condition.
Ralph took the time to write the artists name and record title as well as
the record number on each inner sleeve.
I have never (in 25 years) seen such a well cared for record collection
Ralph Santos cared about his records like children.
Ralph Santos cared about people as well, he donated all of his records to
a non-profit organization in Roxbury.

I will try to post pics of "My" finds from this collection soon.

Here's to Raphael "Ralph" Santos

Rest In Peace

Radio Show Archived & Live for You

Well, it's very nice having my very own radio show.
I guess I should give out the details.

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I'll be posting my playlists here and adding little tid bits
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have any requests I'll do my best to play them.

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Brother Wayne's Playlist 12/05/07

01. (Intro) Tighten Up - Bamboos

02. Funky Music Sure Turns Me On – Edwin Starr

03. Sing A Simple Song – Maceo Parker & J.B’s Band

04. See And Don’t See – Marie “Queenie” Lyons

05. Funky Bull – Dyke & The Blazers

06. (Inst) I’m Gonna Make You Love Me

07. Face It – Ed Robinson

08. Fairchild – Willie West

09. Let’s Work Awhile – Bobby Williams

10. Business – N.Y.Afro American School Band

11. Let The Good Times Roll – Rufus Thomas

12. I Need Help (live) – Bobby Byrd

13. Promised Land – Sugarman 3

14. Can I Feel It – Al Trahan

15. Quack, Quack, Quack – Paul Davis

16. Baby Don’t Cry – Third Guitar

17. Stand Up and Get Funky – James Duncan

18. Interview With The News – Steve Soul

19. You Can’t Love Me – Lyn Collins

20. Help Me Make Up My Mind – Joyce Jones

21. Breakdown – Rufus Thomas

22. Going Down A One Way Street – Little Ann

23. Papa Was Too – Joe Tex

24. Funky World – Silky Vincent

25. Blind Man Can See It – James Brown

26. Ashley’s Roachclip – Soul Searchers

27. Waiting At The Bus Stop – Kay-Gee’s

28. Undisputed Truth / Little Ann (CD problem, sorry)

29. Super Sweet Girl Of Mine – Five Miles Out

30. Come On and Sock It To Me – Syl Johnson

31. Different Strokes – Syl Johnson

32. Goin Uptown To Get Down – United 8

33. Gossip – Meters

34.(Outro) Can’t Get Enough Of You – Young-Holt Unlimited

Dig you next week,

Bro, Wayne

Monday, October 15, 2007

Every Monday Night

OK, So Monday is a school night........Schools Out!!!
Come on by Wallys Jazz Cafe. It's Blue Monday!!
Monday is a mix of R&B and the Blues, courtesy
Mr. Jose Ramos & the Special Blend Band.
427 Mass Ave. Boston.
See ya there, I'm having a Becks Thanks !
Oh, BTW, I'll try to post the Wallys Update
of the various performers from Monday night.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brother Wayne's Playlist October 10th

Lost & Found 10/10/07

01. Watts 103rd St Band – 103rd St.Theme (CD)

02. Willie Hutch – Get Ready For The Git Down (Motown)

03. Rufus Thomas – Hot Grits (AVI) (Promo)

04. Kool & the Gang – Funky Granny (De-Lite)

Note: Internet stream starts during next song.

05. Denny Greene – Lonely Town, Lonely Street (Buddah) (Promo)

06. Comstock LTD. – I Was Made To Love Her (Bell) (Promo)

07. Prime Cut – Message To The Ghetto (Polydor) (Promo)

08. Laura Lee – I Need It Just As Bad As You (Invictus) (Promo)

09. Edwin Starr – Pain (Granite)

10. B’Ham Rhythm Section – Let The Music Play (Black Kat)

11. Stevie Wonder – Hey Love (Tamla)

12. Freddie Scott – You Got What I Need (Shout)

13. James Brown – Popcorn With Feeling (King)

14. Soul Searchers – It’s All In Your Mind (Sussex)

15. Crown Heights Affair – Super Rod Inst. (RCA) (Promo)

16. Ripple – Git Owf (GRC)

17. Eddie Carr & The Navajos – Evil, Evil, Evil Knievel (A&M)

18. Moon People – Hippy, Skippy, Moon Strut (Roulette)

19. Lesa’s Big Six – Making Tracks (PAM)

20. Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten’ Up Pt. 2 (Atlantic)

22. Bill Coday – I Got A Thing (Galaxy)

23. Aretha Franklin – Soulville (Coloumbia)

24. Chubukos – Boogie The Devil In, Bump The Devil Out

(Mainstream) (Promo)

25. Bloodstone – Loving You Is Just A Pastime (London)

26. Jose Feliciano – Compartments (RCA) (Promo)

27. Louise Williams – Don’t Blame The Children (North Bay) (Promo)

28. Obi Jessie & The Seeds Of Freedom – Who’s The Blame (Stone Dogg)

29. Friends Of Distinction – Now Is The Time (RCA) (Promo)

30. Lee Dorsey – Occapella (Spring)

31. Joe Williams Jr. – Don’t Let Me Catcha Jody (Triode)

32. Bobby Byrd – Headquarters Inst. (International Brothers)

33. George Jackson – Willie Lump Lump (MGM)

34. Mystic Moods Inst. (Soundbird)

35. Kasandra – Don’t Pat Me On The Back…..(Capitol)

36. Smokestack – Wall Between Us (Dakar) (Pormo)

37. Soul Searchers – Funk To The Folks (Sussex)

38. Cheech & Chong – Just Say “Right On” (Epic/Ode)

39. Billy Stewart – How Nice It Is (Chess)

40. Gaturs – Cold Bear (CD)

See Ya Next Time !!

Brother Wayne